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Wendi currier

Wendi started her business in 2007 out of her passion for animals. She's been a dog owner her entire life, and is now blessed to own several cats, too! 

"As a pet owner, I understand how difficult it can be to leave your furry babies at home when you're at work or when you travel. I want your pets to be as comfortable when you're away as they are when you're home, which is why I learn as much about them and their normal routine as I can.
I love to share my experience with new pet owners, helping their pet adjust to their family and lifestyle. I believe in reinforcing good behavior, correcting bad behavior, and supporting owners in their training efforts.
My goal in this business is to provide people with peace of mind that their pets are being well cared for and to provide every pet I meet with the care, love, and attention they each deserve. I feel very blessed to be able to do this type of work."

A fave furry client!

A fave furry client!


Mike has worked with Arcadia Pet Sitting since 2009.  He also works mornings at the Arizona Country Club. He's lived in the Arcadia neighborhood most of his life, and still resides in the house his parents purchased in 1955. Mike loves cats and dogs and enjoys taking dogs for long walks. He has two desert tortoises named Speedy and Spike, and a cat named Ishah. He enjoys sports of all kinds and is usually found watching a game on TV β€” unless he’s working.